I still remember when my Greek and Latin teacher at the high school told me: "Beatrice, remember that you are literally a steel flower, delicate in appearance, but also firm and determined ". And it is just like that, in life and especially in my work this image reflects me a lot: I achieve the aims with precision and determination, but always maintaining the kindness and the delicacy that characterize me.

After the Degree in CIMO at the Catholic University of Milan (with a thesis on the colorful event "Summer Jamboree"), I got in touch, as well as with the world of events, even with the world of wedding and it was a surprise. Doing this work implies curiosity, attention, precision, flexibility and a good deal of problem solving.

What makes me different in this sector?

I built my business not improvising it, but with a solid foundation of study and work experiences. I am a professional in the field, enjoyable and fine, and I always make you feel comfortable, so I can really understand the people I meet and their requests, listening the wishes and the expectations and giving advice with the right weight and with a critical eye.

What does it mean for me being a wedding and event planner? 

It means being a storyteller and director of experiences:
I help to create great stories,
sometimes even dreams,
for those who can dream and really get excited.